What is the average salary of an editor?

According to the anonymous job Web site, Glassdoor, New York editors in the publishing industry (which includes books, magazines, and newspapers) have an average salary of $53,500 a year. An editor at Penguin averages $55,125 a year while an editor at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt averages $49,920 a year.

How many years do you have to go to college to be an editor?

It takes most people around four years to earn a bachelor’s degree. Those who pursue graduate publishing or editing degrees or certificates will take another year or two to complete their education.

How much money does the editor of Vogue make?

Wintour reportedly makes $2 million annually and is worth around $35 million. In her defense, the 64-year-old editrix was also named the artistic director for Condé Nast last year and has held her editor-in-chief position at Vogue since 1988.

How much does an entry level editor earn?

An Entry-Level Editor earns an average salary of $42,930 per year. A skill in writing is associated with high pay for this job.

How much do writers make per hour?

Publish 15000+ words a month just to earn an average wage. After scouring the web for a consistent figure for the average hourly wage of a freelance writer, we gave up. It varied from $20 to $30 per hour on average but there was no exact number to be found.

How much can you make proofreading?

Proofreader Salaries. What is the average annual salary for Proofreader? How much does a Proofreader make? The median annual Proofreader salary is $50,016, as of May 30, 2018, with a range usually between $43,893-$57,114, however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors.

How much does an editor in chief make a year?

As of 2011, editors-in-chief of publications with revenues of less than $3 million per year earned an average salary of $75,500. This is compared to publications with revenues of more than $3 million in annual revenues paying their editors-in-chief an average of $119,100 annually, according to Folio.

How much do copy editors make a year?

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,249,000. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, copy editors make a mean annual wage of $59,340 a year (source). Basically, you may make $28.53 an hour as a copy editor, but the range is wide and fat (like many of the editors who feast on late night Chinese food).

How much do television editors make?

Average Pay. As of May 2011, film or video editors made an average annual wage of $66,690, or $32.06 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The best in the business were able to make as much as $126,250 or more, if they were in the top 10 percent.

How much money does an author make a year?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2010 writers and authors earned a median salary of $55,420 per year, or $26.64 per hour. These numbers are for freelance writers and authors of books, though, and novelist income is harder to pin down because usually, income depends on book sales and contracts.

What kind of education is required to become an editor?

A college education is required for most editing jobs. Although it’s possible for someone who demonstrates strong writing and editorial skills to train on the job, a bachelor’s degree in English, communications or journalism is often a prerequisite for one seeking to become an editor.

How much does an editor make an hour?

Pay. Editors, in general, earned an average annual wage of $60,490, or $29.08 per hour, according to the most recent statistics compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS reports that the median wage is slightly lower, $52,380 per year, or $25.18 per hour.

What does it mean to be a book editor?

Book editors review manuscripts and book proposals to decide whether books should be published. They also review and edit drafts and oversee the publication process, working closely with authors to perfect the manuscript. Most hold bachelor’s degrees, usually in English, journalism or related fields.

How much does an editor charge?

Many editors like to charge by the page. When charging by the page, the type of editing matters. According to The Writer’s Market, the average for proofreading is $3 per page, for copy editing $4 per page, and for content editing you can expect to charge around $7.50 per page.

Where does an editor work?

Editors can be found everywhere. They work in publishing, sales and marketing, manufacturing, government, law, education and many other fields. Editors can be specialists who, for example, edit only scientific or medical documents, or they can be generalists who work on all kinds of content.

How much money does a senior editor make?

A marketing director should make $85,000 to $100,000 or more. In editorial, where everyone seems to want to work, the salaries start low and stay there until you get a big job offer across town or have a hit author. Senior editors make $55,000 to $90,000; executive editors pull down closer to $100,000 or more.

How much money does an editorial assistant make?

Salary and Qualifications. Editorial assistants earned average annual salaries of $43,000 as of 2013, according to the job website SimplyHired.com. Most have bachelor’s degrees in English, journalism or communications, and one or two years’ experience in their industries.

How much money does a magazine editor make a year?

Many magazines are based in this area of the country, particularly in New York City, which boasted means of $101,600 per year, compared to the annual average $65,300 received by editors who were in other cities. The South was next for salaries, averaging $75,500 yearly, followed by the West at a mean annual $59,500.

How much money does an assistant editor make?

The average pay for an Assistant Editor is $37,296 per year. Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are Avid Media Composer and Media Management. People in this job generally don’t have more than 10 years’ experience.

How much money does a photo editor make?

Photo Editor – Web Salaries. What is the average annual salary for Photo Editor – Web? How much does a Photo Editor – Web make? The median annual Photo Editor – Web salary is $67,183, as of May 30, 2018, with a range usually between $59,488-$79,231, however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors.