What is the average salary of a historian?

55,800 USD2015

How many hours a week does a historian work?

While their hours are flexible, they often total more than forty hours per week. At times historians may visit archives or historic sites or buildings as they do research. They sometimes travel to distant cities or countries to examine evidence. They need the patience to work long hours tracking down elusive facts.

What is the job of the historian?

The Work of the Historian. “History is a story about the past that is significant and true.” Historians study the past by interpreting evidence. The historian works by examining primary sources — texts, artifacts, and other materials from the time period.

How long does it take to become a historian?

Master’s programs in history usually last about two years, while Ph.D. programs typically take a minimum of five years to complete; you’ll have the best job prospects with a doctoral degree.

How do you become a historian?

  • Becoming a Historian. Historians research, analyze and interpret the past using data from various sources, including newspapers, archives, film, photos and letters.
  • Career Requirements. Degree Level.
  • Step 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Step 2: Earn a Master’s Degree or PhD.
  • Step 3: Find Work.
  • Step 4: Continue Researching.
  • What can you do with a degree in history?

    Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

  • Academic librarian.
  • Archaeologist.
  • Archivist.
  • Broadcast journalist.
  • Civil Service administrator.
  • Editorial assistant.
  • Information officer.
  • PPC specialist.
  • Where do most historians work?

    Where do historians work? Historians work in many places: universities, museums, archives, parks departments, planning offices, law offices, Indigenous communities …. and some people make a career out of writing history books.

    How much do historians make an hour?

    Average salary. One of the most popular questions we get from our readers here at OwlGuru is how much do Historians make per year and what is their hourly wage. According to BLS, the average annual salary of Historians is $60990.

    How much is the starting salary for an archivist?

    An Archivist gets a pay level of around 32000 and 48000 based on tenure level. Archivists will normally get an average salary of Forty Six Thousand Six Hundred dollars annually. Archivists have the highest salaries in the District of Columbia, where they can get average compensation of close to $74320.

    How much does a professor of history make a year?

    The report shows an increase of 0.5 percent in the average salary for full professors in history (to $82,354), a 0.8 percent increase for associate professors (to $62,630), and a 0.6 percent increase for assistant professors (to $51,733) (Table 1; click here for a larger image).

    How much does a history teacher make a year?

    For example, preschool, primary, secondary, and special education teachers earn an average of $54,740 per year. If we drop the preschool teachers, salaries rise even more. Elementary and middle school teachers average $56,420 per year and secondary (high school) teachers earn an average of $58,170.

    How much does a history professor make a year?

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary of a University Professor was $75,430 annually as of May 2016. The lowest-paid 10 percent of all University Professors earn less than $38,290, while the highest-paid 10 percent are paid more than $168,270 per year.

    What is the average salary for a history teacher?

    High school history teacher salary and employment projections. The median salary for high school teachers across the United States is just above $55,000, according to recent data from the BLS. However, some survey sources list high school teachers’ salaries as high as $57,000.

    How much money does a curator make?

    SALARY. The median annual salary for a curator was $51,520 in May 2015. Those just starting out may earn as little as $25,970, but curators with years of experience on the job can earn as much as $83,940.

    How much money can you make with an anthropology degree?

    As of 2012, anthropologists employed in the United States reported an average hourly wage of $28.95, the equivalent of an annual salary of $60,230, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median-earning half of anthropologists earned between $20.47 and $35.87 per hour.

    How much do religious studies professors make?

    Average Faculty Salaries by Field and Rank at 4-Year Colleges and Universities, 2010-11ProfessorAssociate professorParks, recreation, leisure, and fitness studies$80,366$65,072Philosophy and religious studies$85,073$63,998Physical sciences$89,280$67,590Psychology$84,509$64,892

    What is the job description of a historian?

    Basic Job Description: Research, analyze, record, and interpret the past as recorded in sources, such as government and institutional records, newspapers and other periodicals, photographs, interviews, films, and unpublished manuscripts, such as personal diaries and letters.

    How much does an archaeologist make a year?

    The BLS reports that the state employing the most archaeologists in 2011 is Wyoming, where the average annual salary for archaeologists is $58,010. Wyoming is followed by New Mexico, at $52,560. Alaska and Hawaii, two of the top five highest-paying states, also made the top five for job concentration.

    What is a historian and what do they do?

    A historian is a person who studies and writes about the past, and is regarded as an authority on it. Historians are concerned with the continuous, methodical narrative and research of past events as relating to the human race; as well as the study of all history in time.

    How much is a college professor paid?

    Full professors at public doctoral institutions made $126,981 in salary in the 2013-2014 academic year, and instructors at those schools made $50,032. Presidents of public doctoral institutions, meanwhile, saw their salaries rise 11.3 percent on average over the past seven years.

    What is the average salary of a Harvard professor?

    The Chronicle of Higher Education has just come out with a list of the best paid professors in the U.S. At the top of the list is Harvard, which pays its full professors an average of $198,400 a year. Stanford, however, pays its associate professors the most, with an average salary of $131,200 annually.