What is the average salary for a child care director?

The median annual wage for preschool and childcare center directors was $46,890 in May 2017. The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $29,980, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $85,240.

What does a daycare owner do?

Day care owners are childcare workers who provide a place, either in their home or in a commercial facility, for children of working parents to stay during the day. They are responsible for the safety, health, nutritional needs and educational development of children.

How much money does an assistant director of a daycare make?

The salary survey website Salary Expert reports an average national salary of $26,685 or $12.85 per hour for assistant directors.These figures compare to an average hourly income of $10.25 per hour as of May 2012 for child care workers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and an average of $24.55 per hour

What do you need to be a director of a daycare?

An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in early childhood education is needed to work as a child care director. Most states require directors to have certification, such as CDA (Child Development Associate) or NAC (National Administration Credential).

How much does a director of a daycare make a year?

Daycare directors earn a mean $51,290 per year, with an annual range from below $27,720 to above $85,550. Their pay is lower than the average for all management occupations, which is $107,410 yearly. But it is higher than the $45,230 mean salary for all occupations in the country.

How much money does a first assistant director make?

The national average salary for a Assistant Director is $72,493 in United States.

What are the duties of a preschool director?

Preschool Director Job Description. The director is the lead administrator of the school and handles problems with staff and students. They develop the curriculum and ensure the school meets any standards set by law.

How much does a daycare teacher make an hour?

The average hourly pay for daycare teachers is around $10.50 per hour, but will vary by experience and location. For all child care positions (except supervisor positions) the average is around $11.30 per hour. Wages will typically be higher for full-time employees and teachers with college degrees.

How much does a preschool director make in California?

The average salary for a Preschool Director is $42,557 per year in California, which is 8% above the national average.

How much does an early childhood education teacher make in Florida?

Early Childhood Jobs in FloridaOccupationTotal EmployedMedian Annual SalaryKindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education10,050$44,640Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten and Elementary School8,900$46,280Child, Family, and School Social Workers8,270$38,510Special Education Teachers, Preschool1,400$46,750

How much does a garbage man make a year in Florida?

Average Garbage Collector Yearly Salary in Florida. Garbage Collectors earn an average yearly salary of $34,200. Salaries typically start from $21,550 and go up to $48,880.

What are the best paying jobs in Florida?

Detailed List Of Highest Paying Jobs In FloridaRankJob TitleAverage Salary1Anesthesiologists$271,6102Obstetricians And Gynecologists$249,7303Dentists, All Other Specialists$230,9404Physicians And Surgeons, All Other$227,230

What is the best salary job?

Here are the 25 best-paying jobs, according to Glassdoor:

  • Physician. Median base salary: $180,000.
  • Lawyer. Median base salary: $144,500.
  • R&D manager. Median base salary: $142,120.
  • Software development manager. Median base salary: $132,000.
  • Pharmacy manager.
  • Strategy manager.
  • Software architect.
  • Integrated circuit designer engineer.
  • How much money does a nurse make in Florida?

    Registered Nurse Salary in FloridaHourly WageAnnual SalaryRegistered Nurse RN Salary Florida$29.70$61,780U.S. Registered Nurse RN Salary$32.66$67,930U.S. National Average Salary$22.01$45,790

    What state pays the most for RN?

    Highest Paid States for Registered NurseStateHourly WageAnnual SalaryCalifornia$45.25$94,120Hawaii$40.74$84,750Massachusetts$40.08$83,370Alaska$38.93$80,970

    What is the starting pay for RN in Florida?

    Being the fourth highest employer of RNs, Florida had 162,530 registered nurses in different hospitals and healthcare institutions, in May 2013. The state offered annual and hourly mean wages of $62,060 and $29.84, respectively, as per the information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    How much does a cna make an hour in Florida?

    In Florida, a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) earns an average of $11.19 per hour.

    How much does a BSN make a year in Florida?

    Salary data from the US Department of Labor reveals that the highest paid BSN-educated RNs in Florida earned as much as $20,000 per year more than the median RN salary in the state (2013): 90th Percentile Annual Salary – $81,380. 75th Percentile Annual Salary – $71,120.

    How much does a CRNA make a year in Florida?

    The average salary for a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is $146,569 per year in Florida, which is 6% below the national average.

    What is the average pay for a BSN nurse?

    American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) statistics from January 2014 revealed that the average salary for an RN was $66,620, while the average for BSN-educated RNs was $75,484.