What is the AMD Radeon setting?

AMD Radeon Software (formerly named ATI Catalyst and AMD Catalyst) is a device driver and utility software package for Advanced Micro Devices’s graphics cards and APUs. It runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux, on 32- and 64-bit x86 processors.

What is a AMD Radeon r4?

AMD Radeon R4 is an integrated graphics controller, codenamed ‘Beema’. It was announced on April 29, 2014, and it is part of the GCN (Graphics Core Next) generation, constructed though a 28nm process. R4 is equipped with 128 Radeon cores.

What is an AMD graphics card?

Radeon roundup. Not all graphics cards are created equal. Both AMD and Nvidia offer a wide range of graphics cards designed for tasks as varied as adding basic video support to a home theater PC to playing gorgeous video games at crushingly high frame rates and resolutions.

What is Freesync display?

FreeSync is the brand name for an adaptive synchronization technology for LCD displays that support a dynamic refresh rate aimed at reducing tearing and stuttering caused by misalignment with content’s frame rate. FreeSync is royalty-free, free to use, and has no performance penalty.

What does wait for vertical refresh mean?

Vertical refresh definition from pc magazine encyclopedia. The refresh rate (most commonly the ‘vertical rate’, scan rate’ for cathode ray tubes) is number of times in a second that display hardware updates its buffer enabling vertical sync should lock your fps to.

What is a frame pacing?

Overall, a timing problem between the two graphics chips can occur, and that’s where frame pacing comes in. Frame pacing is a software algorithm that corrects the timing problem so that each frame is rendered and sent to the display accordingly.

What is tessellation in a game?

DirectX 11 Tessellation. In its most basic form, tessellation is a method of breaking down polygons into finer pieces. For example, if you take a square and cut it across its diagonal, you’ve “tessellated” this square into two triangles. By itself, tessellation does little to improve realism.

What is anti aliasing mode?

NVIDIA has a good comparison of what anti-aliasing does to otherwise jagged pixels. This is where anti-aliasing comes in. It’s a technique used to smooth otherwise jagged lines or textures by blending the color of an edge with the color of pixels around it.

What is a frame rate target control?

Frame Rate Target Control (FRTC) is a new option in AMD’s Catalyst Control Center that lets you set a maximum frame rate between 55 frames per second and 95 frames per second (fps) for the majority of DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 games.

What is texture filtering quality?

In computer graphics, texture filtering or texture smoothing is the method used to determine the texture color for a texture mapped pixel, using the colors of nearby texels (pixels of the texture). Put simply, filtering describes how a texture is applied at many different shapes, size, angles and scales.

How do you enable Crossfire?

To access the global setting for AMD CrossFire follow the steps below:

  • Launch AMD Radeon Settings and select the Gaming tab.
  • Click on Global Settings and the screen below should appear providing the AMD Crossfire and AMD CrossFire Logo options.
  • What is a virtual super resolution?

    Virtual Super Resolution (VSR) is an AMD feature that is game and engine agnostic to simulate SSAA in games that do not have native SSAA support. VSR can also be used in conjunction with other native in-game anti-aliasing for even more game graphics-setting control.

    What does SSAA mean in games?

    Ssaa is indeed much more demanding, but apparely setting broken we just released our ssaa super sampling anti aliasing solution! rendering does not work with hdr (high dynamic range) msaa also in fact, big majority of games being do nearly.

    How do I enable virtual super resolution?

    Enabling VSR using the AMD Catalyst Control Center

  • Open AMD Catalyst™ Control Center (CCC)
  • Use the Preferences to switch to Advanced Mode, if it’s not already running.
  • Open the ‘My Digital Flat Panels’ page.
  • Place a checkmark in the ‘Enable virtual super resolution’ checkbox and click Apply.
  • What is a dynamic super resolution?

    One of the more intriguing capabilities Nvidia introduced with the GeForce GTX 970 and 980 is a feature called Dynamic Super Resolution, or DSR, for short. DSR is a way for a fast GPU to offer improved image quality on a lower-resolution display. Nvidia bills it as a means of getting 4K quality on a 2K display.

    How do I disable DSR?

    First open up the NVIDIA control panel and enable “DSR – Factors”, Choose a DSR setting of your choice.

  • Next open up GeForce Experience, and select the game you want to enable DSR on, and click the wrench icon.
  • Select the available DSR resolution and click apply.
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