What is the additive in the yellow top tube?

Tube GuideBD Vacutainer® Tubes With Hemogard™ ClosureBD Vacutainer® Tubes With Conventional StopperAdditiveGoldRed/BlackClot activator and gel for serum separationLight GreenGreen/GrayLithium heparin and gel for plasma separationRedRedNone (glass) Clot activator (plastic)OrangeGray/YellowThrombin

What is the additive in a red top tube?

The sequence of collection of evacuated tubes in a multi-draw should be in this order:

  • Red – Non-Additive.
  • Red Gel separator tube (speckled or “tiger” top)
  • Green (heparin)
  • Green/Gray mottled Plasma Separator Tube (PST) with heparin.
  • Lavender/purple top and/or pink (EDTA)
  • Gray top (Oxalate/fluoride tube)
  • What color tube is used for PTT?

    LIGHT BLUE. Citrate is an anticoagulant which binds calcium in the blood. Calcium is required for blood clotting. Since it is bound up the blood cannot clot resulting in a whole blood sample, red blood cells and PLASMA.

    How do you separate plasma from blood?

    After collection of the whole blood, allow the blood to clot by leaving it undisturbed at room temperature. This usually takes 15–30 minutes. Remove the clot by centrifuging at 1,000–2,000 x g for 10 minutes in a refrigerated centrifuge. The resulting supernatant is designated serum.

    What is in a lavender top tube?

    Purple or lavender: K2 EDTA. This is a strong anticoagulant and these tubes are usually used for complete blood counts (CBC). Lavender top tubes are generally used when whole blood is needed for analysis.

    What tube is used for ESR?

    PURPLE. LAVENDER. The interior of the tube wall is coated with either EDTA K2 or EDTA K3. The tube is also available with an 8% liquid EDTA solution.

    What color tube is used for SST?

    SSTs are sometimes called “marble-top tubes,” “target-tops,” or “gold-topped tubes”, referring to the stoppers which are either gold, red with a gold ring on top, or marbled red and grey.

    What color tube is used for electrolyte panel?

    Red-top tube or green-top (heparin) tube is acceptable if centrifuged within 45 minutes and the serum or plasma is removed and placed in a tightly-stoppered secondary tube.

    What do the initials EDTA stand for?

    Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid

    What tubes are centrifuged?

    Serum separator collection tubes contain a gel that separates the clot from the serum in whole blood specimens. During centrifugation, the gel moves to create a barrier between cells and serum, providing access to the serum for various chemistry, serology and other procedures.

    What color tubes are used for which tests in phlebotomy?

    Phlebotomy Order of Draw-Tube Color and Dept.

  • Yellow. Microbiology – SPS – Blood Cultures – Invert 8-10 times.
  • Light Blue. Coagulation – NaC – Platelet Function, Routine Coagulation – Invert 3-4 times.
  • Red.
  • Gold, Tiger Top, Red/Yellow/Black.
  • Green, Light Green, Green/Gray.
  • Purple/Lavender.
  • Pink.
  • Gray.
  • What blood tube colors are for which test?

  • LAVENDER. CBC, ESR, HgbA1C, Blood Bank (must have within 24 hrs),
  • LIGHT BLUE. PT/INR, COAG FACTOR, FIBRiNOGEN, D-DIMER, APTT(must reach lab within 4 hrs or freeze)
  • Is sodium citrate an anticoagulant?

    BACKGROUND: Sodium citrate has been used as an anticoagulant to stabilize blood and blood products for over 100 years, presumably by sequestering Ca(++) ions in vitro. Subsequent experiments showed that calcium citrate itself impairs coagulation dynamics.

    What is the SST?

    The SST is a group formed within the school to further examine a student’s academic, behavioral and social-emotional progress. The SST team can propose interventions for the student. The team usually consists of a teacher, administrator, and support personnel from the school.

    What is the additive in a red top tube?

    The sequence of collection of evacuated tubes in a multi-draw should be in this order:

  • Red – Non-Additive.
  • Red Gel separator tube (speckled or “tiger” top)
  • Green (heparin)
  • Green/Gray mottled Plasma Separator Tube (PST) with heparin.
  • Lavender/purple top and/or pink (EDTA)
  • Gray top (Oxalate/fluoride tube)
  • What is in a tiger top blood collection tube?

    This tube is used for preparing EDTA plasma, whole blood, and bone marrow specimens. This tube is used for collecting serum or clotted whole blood specimens. Tiger-top tube (serum separator): Tube does not contain an anticoagulant but does contain a clot activator and serum separator gel.

    What is a serum separator tube used for?

    What is the difference between BD Vacutainer SST and PST blood collection tubes? SST refers to the Serum Separator Tube containing clot activator and serum separator gel. PST refers to the Plasma Separator Tube containing lithium heparin and plasma separator gel.

    What is a clot activator tube?

    A special coating on the internal wall of the tubes containing microscopic silica particles activates clotting. VACUETTE® Z Serum Sep Clot Activator tubes contain an inert separator gel on the base of the tube which, after centrifugation, forms a stable barrier between the serum and the blood clot.

    What is the blue top tube used for?

    Light Blue-Top Tube (Sodium Citrate): This tube contains sodium citrate as an anticoagulant and is used for drawing blood for coagulation studies. Note: It is imperative that the tube be completely filled. The ratio of blood to anticoagulant is critical for valid prothrombin time results.

    What is the order of draw for blood collection tubes?

    The draw order for specimen tubes is as follows:

  • Blood culture.
  • Red, No Gel (Plain tube, no clot additive)
  • Blue tube for coagulation (Sodium Citrate)
  • Red or Yellow-Gold SST (Plain tube w/gel and clot activator additive)
  • Green and Dark Green (Heparin, with and without gel)
  • Lavender (EDTA)
  • Pink – Blood Bank (EDTA)
  • What is the additive in the lavender?

    Tube cap colorAdditiveRed or gold (mottled or “tiger” top used with some tubes is not shown)Serum tube with or without clot activator or gelGreenSodium or lithium heparin with or without gelLavender or pinkPotassium EDTAGraySodium fluoride, and sodium or potassium oxalate