What flu vaccine does Publix use?

Additionally, some of its pharmacies will offer the intradermal flu vaccine — which is injected into the skin instead of the muscle and uses a much smaller needle than the regular flu shot — and Fluzone High Dose, which is recommended for patients ages 65 years and older.

People also ask, can you get flu shots at Publix?

Publix. At Publix pharmacies, you can get a flu shot plus a free $10 gift card that you can use immediately in the store. On the grocery chain’s website, it says the deal is “available now for a limited time. Just stop by anytime we’re open.

Does Publix charge for flu shots?

Traditional flu shots and needle-free flu shots cost $30, while the intradermal flu vaccine costs $35 and Fluzone High Dose costs $60. Publix accepts cash, Medicare Part B and many other third-party insurances as payment for flu shots, the retailer said.

Can my 3 year old get a flu shot at CVS?

The CDC recommends a seasonal influenza vaccination every year for everyone 6 months old and older. Age restrictions apply at CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic.

Where is the cheapest place to get a flu shot?

Costco undercuts the rest with by far the cheapest flu shots this year. Members and non-members alike pay $20 out of pocket for a quadrivalent vaccine — half the price at most other places. Seniors in need of a high-dose flu vaccine should also head to Costco for the lowest price: $46.50.