What family does it belong to zinc?

Represented in the periodic table as Zn, zinc is a transition metal, grouped with cadmium and mercury. With the middling atomic number 30, it has five stable isotopes of atomic weight from the dominant zinc 64 to zinc 70, plus an extra 25 radioisotopes.

Similarly, which family does gold belong to?

Gold is a noble metal and falls into the transitional metal family on the periodic table in group number 11. The actual discoverer of gold is unknown as the metal has been in use by humans for over 5,000 years. Gold is extremely dense, weighing in at 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter.

What is the chemical family of gold?

MetalTransition metalToxic heavy metalPeriod 6 elementGroup 11 element

What family does HG belong to?

Mercury is a transition metal. A transition metal is one of the elements found between Groups 2 (IIA) and 13 (IIIA) on the periodic table. The periodic table is a chart that shows how chemical elements are related to one another. Mercury has long been known as quicksilver, because it is a silver liquid.

What is the group number of zinc?

Zinc group element. Zinc group element, any of the four chemical elements that constitute Group 12 (IIb) of the periodic table—namely, zinc (Zn), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg), and copernicium (Cn).

Is Zinc an alkali metal?

Zinc reacts readily with acids, alkalis and other non-metals. Extremely pure zinc reacts only slowly at room temperature with acids. No compounds of zinc in oxidation states other than +1 or +2 are known.

What is the family name of chlorine?

Chlorine is a member of the halogen family. Halogens are the elements that make up Group 17 (VIIA) of the periodic table, a chart that shows how elements are related to one another. They include fluorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine.

What family is zinc in on the periodic table?

Group 12 element. Group 12, by modern IUPAC numbering, is a group of chemical elements in the periodic table. It includes zinc (Zn), cadmium (Cd) and mercury (Hg).

Is Zinc solid?

Zinc, and all metals except Mercury (Hg) are solids at room temperature (20 C) and standard temperature (0 C). If the temperature exceeds Zinc’s melting point at 419.5 C, Zn will melt and become liquid.

Is Zinc is a metal?

Nickel silver, typewriter metal, spring brass and German silver are other common zinc alloys. Zinc oxide (ZnO), a common zinc compound, forms when metallic zinc is exposed to the air and forms a protective coating that protects the rest of the metal.

Why are zinc Cd and Hg are not considered as transition elements?

Answer: The electronic configurations of Zn, Cd and Hg are represented by the general formula (n-1)d10 ns2. The orbitals in these elements are completely filled in the ground state as well as in their common oxidation states. Therefore, they are not regarded as transition elements.

What type of metal is mercury?

The symbol Hg that mercury is known by comes from its Greek name, hydrargyrum, which means “liquid silver” — to reflect its shiny surface. The element is also known as quicksilver for its mobility.

How does zinc help your body?

Zinc is found in cells throughout the body. It helps the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses. The body also needs zinc to make proteins and DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Zinc also helps wounds heal and is important for proper senses of taste and smell.

Is a carbon a metal?

Carbon is a solid non-metal element. Pure carbon can exist in two very different forms – diamond and graphite. The table shows some differences between them. Diamond is the hardest natural substance on Earth, but it is also very brittle and will shatter if hit with a hammer.

What group is iron in?

Group 8 is a group of chemical element in the periodic table. It consists of iron (Fe), ruthenium (Ru), osmium (Os) and hassium (Hs). They are all transition metals.

Is the metal zinc magnetic?

Pennies from 1982 and after are made of zinc with a thin copper coating. Copper itself isn’t magnetic so we could just see if newer pennies are attracted to a magnet. But I want to melt some pennies and see what the zinc looks like.

Why is zinc good for you?

Zinc is used for treatment and prevention of zinc deficiency and its consequences, including stunted growth and acute diarrhea in children, and slow wound healing. It is also used for boosting the immune system, treating the common cold and recurrent ear infections, and preventing lower respiratory infections.

Is aluminum metal?

Aluminium or aluminum is a chemical element with symbol Al and atomic number 13. It is a silvery-white, soft, nonmagnetic and ductile metal in the boron group.

Is mercury is volatile?

Elemental mercury is an odorless, silver white, very heavy, mobile, liquid metal, which is slightly volatile at ordinary temperatures. Solid mercury is tin-white, ductile, and malleable. Pure mercury does not tarnish on exposure to ordinary temperatures of air, and forms alloys with most metals, except iron.

Is Lead is a metal?

Lead is a bluish-white lustrous metal. It is very soft, highly malleable, ductile, and a relatively poor conductor of electricity. It is very resistant to corrosion but tarnishes upon exposure to air.

Where can zinc be found on Earth?

Zinc is the 23rd most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. The dominant ore is zinc blende, also known as sphalerite. Other important zinc ores are wurzite, smithsonite and hemimorphite. The main zinc mining areas are Canada, Russia, Australia, USA and Peru’.

What is the group of magnesium?

Magnesium is the eighth most abundant element in the earth’s crust although not found in it’s elemental form. It is a Group 2 element (Group IIA in older labelling schemes). Group 2 elements are called alkaline earth metals.