What exports Palestine?

Economy of the State of PalestineStatisticsExports$720 million (2011)Export goodsOlives, fruit, vegetables, limestone, citrus, flowers, textilesImports$4.2 billion (2011)Import goodsFood, consumer goods, construction materials

Similarly, you may ask, does the US trade with Palestine?

The United States of America does not recognize the State of Palestine and therefore officially maintains no diplomatic exchanges nor consular services with Palestine and since the closure of the Palestine mission in October 2018, Palestine has no diplomatic representation in the United States.

One may also ask, how expensive is Palestine?

Unfortunately, traveling in Palestine is more expensive than you might think, with similar prices to Greece or Portugal. Except for falafel, which is the staple food, everything is quite costly. Typically, non-fast food meals can cost around 8 to 15 USD. A dorm in a hostel will cost you something between 12 and 20 USD.

How dangerous is Palestine?

Crime. Most visits to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories are trouble-free, but the theft of passports, credit cards, and valuables from public beaches is common. Keep your personal belongings in a safe place.