What are the countries in Western Europe?


Similarly, you may ask, what countries are considered Western Europe?

So the UN would call the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Monaco the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein “Western Europe”. but Spain, Portugal, Vatican City, Italy the European part of Turkey and Greece are “Southern Europe”.

What is Western European heritage?

Western European Ethnicity. The Europe West region is a broad expanse stretching from Amsterdam’s sea-level metropolis to the majestic peaks of the Alps. Geographically dominated by France in the west and Germany in the east, it includes several nations with distinct cultural identities.

Is Germany a part of Western Europe?

TL;DR: Germany was part of Central Europe, then split between Western and Eastern Europe and is now definitely part of Western Europe. West Germany, Austria and Italy because capitalist and democratic and adopted more Western European political structures.

What countries make up the Western Europe?

The term Western Europe is also applicable to this region when discussing regional variations within the realm outside of Eastern Europe. Germany and France are the two dominant states, with Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg making up the Benelux countries. Switzerland and Austria border the Alpine region.

What countries are in North Western Europe?

Geographically, Northwestern Europe usually consists of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Northern Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. Luxembourg, Northern France, Southern Germany, and Switzerland are also often considered part of the grouping.

Which countries make up Western Europe?

The CIA classifies seven countries as belonging to “Western Europe”:

  • Belgium.
  • France.
  • Ireland.
  • Luxembourg.
  • Monaco.
  • Netherlands.
  • United Kingdom.
  • What are all the Scandinavian countries?

    Today, most define Scandinavia and the Nordic region to include the following countries:

  • Denmark.
  • Norway.
  • Sweden.
  • Finland.
  • Iceland.
  • Which are the Western countries?

    I would say that the nation belongs to the Western world. E.g., both North and South America are there, as well as EU (and other West European countries, like Switzerland, which are not in EU), Australia and New Zealand. India, Israel, Japan and South Korea are there too.

    What are the countries of southern Europe?

    Although there is no precise definition, the following territories are commonly thought to be parts of Southern Europe:

  • Iberian Peninsula. Portugal. Azores. Madeira. Spain. Balearic Islands.
  • Southern France. Corsica.
  • Monaco.
  • Italian Peninsula. Italy. Sicily. Sardinia. Vatican City.
  • Mediterranean Countries: Cyprus. Greece. Malta. Croatia.
  • What are the countries of Eastern Europe?

    The United Nations Statistics Division defines Eastern Europe as:

  • Belarus.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Czech Republic.
  • Hungary.
  • Moldova.
  • Poland.
  • Romania.
  • Russia.
  • What are the countries of Central Europe?

    Usually the countries considered to be Central European are Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland; in the broader sense Romania too, occasionally also Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

    Is Scotland and Ireland in Europe?

    Western Europe: Northern and eastern United Kingdom (Scotland and Northern Ireland) and Ireland. This ecoregion is equivalent to the DMEER (2000) unit of the same name.

    Is Macedonia in Eastern or Western Europe?

    Eastern Europe is formed by countries with dominant Eastern Orthodox churches, like Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine for instance.

    Is Sweden in Eastern or Western Europe?

    Poland and Finland are the only Eastern European countries of significance there, and Finland, although unquestionably an Eastern European country, was never happy under the Russian thumb. Besides, Swedes speak a Scandinavian language, related to Norwegian, Danish, and Icelandic, all Western nations.

    Which part of Europe is Italy in?

    Italy is located in Southern Europe, between latitudes 35° and 47° N, and longitudes 6° and 19° E. To the north, Italy borders France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, and is roughly delimited by the Alpine watershed, enclosing the Po Valley and the Venetian Plain.

    What part of Europe is the UK?

    It is bordered by two other countries of the United Kingdom: to the north by Scotland and to the west by Wales. England is closer to the European continent than any other part of mainland Britain.

    Is Poland in Eastern or Western Europe?

    It includes western Russia, Germany’s eastern half, and the ex-Yugoslav countries. It also includes three countries that few consider part of traditional Eastern Europe: Finland, Greece, and Turkey. Finland is east of Poland (and north of the Baltic), so geographically it certainly is in Eastern Europe.

    Which countries are in Eastern Europe?

    Eastern Europe includes the countries of :Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

    Which part of Ireland is in Europe?

    The United Kingdom may be an island nation, but it has one, huge open border with the European Union. And closing it could cause very serious problems. The Republic of Ireland, which is an EU member state, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the U.K., haven’t been united for almost 100 years.

    What is the Scandinavian?

    While the term “Scandinavia” is commonly used for Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the term “Nordic countries” is used unambiguously for Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, including their associated territories (Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the Åland Islands).

    Which countries are Northern Europe?

    The United Nations has classified Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as Northern European countries instead of Eastern European.* According to the United Nations, Northern European countries are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

    Is Australia in the West?

    Australia has a high white population, it has a Western democracy, it is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations (all countries colonized by the British Empire, minus USA) and it has European architecture. The fact that Australia is geographically in the East doesn’t change it’s Westernness.

    What countries are in the East?


  • China.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Japan.
  • Macau.
  • Mongolia.
  • North Korea.
  • South Korea.
  • Taiwan.