What are the characteristics of a good program?

A good computer program should have following characteristics: Portability: Portability refers to the ability of an application to run on different platforms (operating systems) with or without minimal changes. Due to rapid development in the hardware and the software, nowadays platform change is a common phenomenon.

Similarly, what are the features of software?

A feature is a unit of functionality of a software system that satisfies a requirement, represents a design decision, and provides a potential configuration option. The basic idea of FOSD is to decompose a software system in terms of the features it provides.

What are essential attributes of a good software?

This is a critical attribute because software change is an inevitable requirement of a changing business environment. Software dependability includes a range of characteristics including reliability, security and safety. Dependable software should not cause physical or economic damage in the event of system failure.

What are different types of softwares?

There are two main types of software: systems software and application software. Systems software includes the programs that are dedicated to managing the computer itself, such as the operating system, file management utilities, and disk operating system (or DOS).

What are the qualities of a good programmer?

After working with over 1000 developers, we have been able to identify 7 qualities that set great programmers apart.

  • Positive Attitude.
  • Supreme Communication Skills.
  • Great at Time and Task Management.
  • Quick Learning Ability.
  • Deep and Broad Technical Experience.
  • A Good Team Player.
  • High End User Focus.
  • What are the qualities of a good computer?

    Some of the qualities needed to be most successful in the computer and IT world include the following:

  • Excellent Analytical Skills.
  • An Attention to Detail.
  • A Commitment to Learning.
  • Good Communication Skills.
  • An Aptitude for Math.
  • The Ability to Learn & Memorize Programming Languages.
  • An Ability to Handle Multitasking.
  • What are the attributes of a good software?

    Essential Attributes of Good Software Often referred to as “Quality Metrics” Sometimes called “Non-Functional Requirements”

  • More:
  • Many other quality metrics such as.
  • Reliability.
  • Scalability.
  • Portability.
  • Reusability.
  • Useability.
  • What is the software crisis?

    Software crisis is a term used in the early days of computing science for the difficulty of writing useful and efficient computer programs in the required time. The software crisis was due to the rapid increases in computer power and the complexity of the problems that could not be tackled.

    What are the characteristics of a computer system?

    The characteristics of computers that have made them so powerful and universally useful are speed, accuracy, diligence, versatility and storage capacity. Let us discuss them briefly. Computers work at an incredible speed. A powerful computer is capable of performing about 3-4 million simple instructions per second.

    What are the type of SDLC?

    To manage this level of complexity, a number of SDLC models or methodologies have been created, such as waterfall, spiral, Agile software development, rapid prototyping, incremental, and synchronize and stabilize. SDLC can be described along a spectrum of agile to iterative to sequential methodologies.

    What is the most universal coding language?

    Here are the 10 most popular programming languages:

  • Java. Java is top pick as one of the most popular programming languages, used for building server-side applications to video games and mobile apps.
  • Python. Python is a one-stop shop.
  • C.
  • Ruby.
  • JavaScript.
  • C#
  • PHP.
  • Objective-C.
  • What is the software process?

    In software engineering, a software development process is the process of dividing software development work into distinct phases to improve design, product management, and project management. It is also known as a software development life cycle. Most modern development processes can be vaguely described as agile.

    What skills are needed for medical coding?

    The following five qualities can help make you a successful medical billing and coding specialist:

  • Analytical abilities. A professional medical biller and coder needs to understand and analyze patients’ health records.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Strong morals.
  • Social skills.
  • Tech saavy.
  • What is an example of a computer program?

    Some examples of computer programs:

  • Operating system.
  • A web browser like Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari can be used to view web pages on the Internet.
  • An office suite can be used to write documents or spreadsheets.
  • Video games are computer programs.
  • Is software manufacturing?

    Software manufacturing is the process of producing software in ways similar to the manufacturing of tangible goods. In this way of conducting business, each copy of the software is priced and sold as though it was a tangible product. The sales process usually is conducted by per copy or per desktop software licensing.

    What is the purpose of comments in a program?

    In computer programming, a comment is a programmer-readable explanation or annotation in the source code of a computer program. They are added with the purpose of making the source code easier for humans to understand, and are generally ignored by compilers and interpreters.

    What are the fundamental activities of software engineering?

    Fundamental software engineering activities. 5. The four basic process activities of specification, development, validation and evolution are organized differently in different development processes. 6.

    What is a process model in software engineering?

    Definition. A (software/system) process model is a description of the sequence of activities carried out in an SE project, and the relative order of these activities. 11. Page 12. It provides a fixed generic framework that can be tailored to a specific project.

    What is a software product?

    Software product lines (SPLs), or software product line development, refers to software engineering methods, tools and techniques for creating a collection of similar software systems from a shared set of software assets using a common means of production.

    What is software development platform?

    In IT, a platform is any hardware or software used to host an application or service. An application platform, for example, consists of hardware, an operating system and coordinating programs that use the instruction set for a particular processor or microprocessor.

    What are the platforms in software?

    Software frameworks

  • Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW)
  • Cocoa.
  • Cocoa Touch.
  • Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) Mono. .NET Framework. Silverlight.
  • Flash. AIR.
  • GNU.
  • Java platform. Java ME. Java SE. Java EE. JavaFX. JavaFX Mobile.
  • LiveCode.
  • What is platforms in software?

    A platform is a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies are developed. In personal computing, a platform is the basic hardware (computer) and software (operating system) on which software applications can be run.

    What is the most commonly used operating system?

    Most popular operating system based off computer

  • Windows 7 is the most popular operating system for desktop and laptop computers.
  • Android is the most popular smartphone operating system.
  • iOS is the most popular tablet operating system.
  • Variants of Linux are most widely used in the Internet of things and smart devices.
  • What is the function of the software?

    In this sense, a function is a type of procedure or routine. Some programming languages make a distinction between a function, which returns a value, and a procedure, which performs some operation but does not return a value. Most programming languages come with a prewritten set of functions that are kept in a library.