What are the best apples for apple pie?

We have a handy guide below to choosing the best types of apples to make an out-of-this-world apple pie.

  • The Crust.
  • Granny Smith Apples.
  • Honeycrisp.
  • Golden Delicious.
  • Rome.
  • Jonathan or Jonagold Apples.
  • Braeburn.
  • Northern Spy.
  • Beside this, do Gala apples make good pies?

    Gravenstein, Braeburn, Fuji and Pink Lady Apples are all crisp and sturdy, as well. Red Delicious and Golden Delicious, despite their promising names, are not good choices for baking, and neither are Gala and Cortland, since they tend to become mealy in pie fillings.

    What are the best apples to make apple crisp?

    When it comes to using up apples, apple crisp is your best friend. You can use just about any kind of apple (crisp and tart work better than sweeter varieties. Try Empire, Granny Smith or Honey Crisp… or mix all three!), and there is no fussy pie crust to deal with.

    Are honey crisp apples good for pie?

    Our Favorite Apple Pie is the perfect combination of an all-butter flaky crust and tender, toothsome apples. Honeycrisp and Braeburn apples won our taste test for best-in-pie, since they have a just-right balance of sweet and tart flavor and hold their shape nicely as they bake.

    What is the best apple to use in an apple pie?

    12 Great Apples for Baking

  • Find your favorite apple. The best baking apples offer a balance of sweet and tart flavors as well as flesh that doesn’t break down in the oven.
  • Jonathans and Jonagolds. You’ll recognize Jonathans as deep red, classic apples, grown in many Midwest states.
  • Honeycrisp.
  • Granny Smith.
  • Melrose.
  • Winesap.
  • Braeburn.
  • Rome Beauty.
  • Are Gala apples good for making apple pie?

    Gala. Flavor: Mild and sweet with a fair amount of tartness, they’re one of the most popular apples around for their small size and good resistance to bruising. Texture: Very thin-skinned with a grainy texture. Pie Rating (1-10): 6; when baked, they hold their shape, but the graininess can get overwhelming.

    What are the best kind of apples for apple pie?

    Best Apples for BakingNAMEBest UsesFlavor Characteristic, AppearanceGranny SmithBakingModerately sweet, crisp flesh, green skinJonagoldPie, ApplesauceTangy-sweet, Yellow top, red bottomJonathanApplesauceTart flesh, crisp, juicy, bright red on yellow skinMcIntoshApplesauceJuicy, sweet, pinkish-white flesh, red skin

    How many apples do you need for an apple pie?

    You will need 5 to 6 cups of sliced or chopped apples for a 9- or 10-inch pie, but some pies require more. It’s easy! Just remember: 2 to 2 1/2 cups chopped or sliced apples is equivalent to 3 medium apples, or about 1 pound.

    Is Granny Smith a good baking apple?

    Granny Smith. One of the most popular tart apples, Granny Smiths are crisp and quite sour. They’re a good all-purpose cooking apple, and their flavor is enhanced when paired with sweeter, spicier apples in pies and crisps.

    Do Pink Lady apples make good pie?

    The variety holds its shape when baked and adds a great tartness to any apple pie. Pink Lady® Apples: With Granny Smith parentage, Pink Lady is another great variety to use for baking an apple pie. This apple is well-known for its vibrant pink skin, but also has a balanced sweet-tart flavor and effervescent finish.

    How do you cook apples for an apple pie?

  • Peel, core and slice apples.
  • Melt butter and cinnamon over medium heat. Stir in apples, sugar & 3 tablespoons water.
  • Cover and cook stirring occasionally for 4-6 minutes or until very slightly softened.
  • In a small dish combine cornstarch and water.
  • Are Mcintosh apples good for baking pies?

    You’ve got yourself the perfect apple pie. McIntosh: The tender white flesh is crisp when freshly harvested, but soon adopts a softer consistency, making it perfect for cooking into pies or sauce. Macs are sweet and juicy with a pleasant tanginess.

    How many apples is 8 cups?

    OK, now let’s start with a recipe calling for 8 cups sliced apples. A pound of apples will yield 3 cups; so for 8 cups prepared apples, you’ll need about 2 2/3 pounds whole apples (make it 2 3/4 pounds, if you’re at the supermarket weighing).

    Are Bramley apples for cooking?

    Malus domestica (Bramley’s Seedling, commonly known as the Bramley apple, or simply Bramley, Bramleys or Bramley’s) is a cultivar of apple which is usually eaten cooked due to its sourness. Once cooked, however, it has a lighter flavour.

    Can you eat raw cooking apples?

    It is often believed that eating cooking apples raw will make a person sick. In reality cooking apples are harmless raw and are just varieties of apples whose characteristics are well suited to cooking.

    Is a Fuji apple good for baking?

    Apples that are more soft won’t do as well when cooked,” she says. “You want a large, firm, crisp apple for baking,” like Crispin, Fuji, Braeburn, Cameo, Red Delicious, and Ralls Janet that go well in pies, in baking, or apple sauce, Brannen says. And as for salads, Brannen recommends fresh Cripps Pink and Honey Crisp.

    Are Honeycrisp apples good for you?

    They are also an exceptionally good keeping apple, and can be stored for up to three to four months in the refrigerator. The health benefits from eating apples are numerous. One medium Honeycrisp apple has 5 grams of fiber and only 80 calories. The pectin in apples may also help lower cholesterol.

    What kind of apple is Ambrosia?

    The apple has tender, juicy flesh with a fine, crisp texture, and its honeyed flavour will saturate your taste buds, leaving you refreshed and satisfied. Ambrosia is also a low-acid apple, which makes it easier for kids and older people to digest.

    Are Gala apples good for baked apples?

    It is sweet and mild, and extensively cultivated. Before Baking: Not the crispest of apples, though certainly pleasant, I’ve bitten into better apples. The flavor was good, though, and quite sweet. After Baking: Like the Orin, this apple is on the sweeter side, but not overly so.

    How do I bake apples in the oven?

    Mix brown sugar, vanilla sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg in a small bowl. Layer about 1/3 of the apples in prepared baking dish; sprinkle with 1/3 of the sugar mixture. Repeat layers twice more. Bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes.

    How thin do you slice apples for pie?

    First, you’ll need to peel the apples. Then, using a sharp knife, slice one side of the apple as closely as possible to the core. For every piece of apple, hold it cut-side down and slice evenly, about 1/4-inch (1/2 cm) thick.

    What kind of apples are tart?

    KEY:APPLE TYPECOMMENTSGalaMild,sweet,crispGolden DeliciousSweet, juicy, best all-purposeGranny SmithTart, crisp, juicy, great in saladsHoney CrispSweet,crisp

    How do you bake an apple?


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
  • Scoop out the core from top of the apple, leaving a well. Do not cut all the way through. Stuff each apple with 2 tablespoons brown sugar and 1 tablespoon butter.
  • Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes, until sugar begins to caramelize and apples are tender.
  • How sweet are Fuji apples?

    The Sweetest Apple Around. Fuji apples were developed in the late 1930s by growers at the Tohoku Research Station in Fujisaki, Japan. Fuji apples are a cross between two classic American apple varieties – Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Janet. Fuji apples were introduced to the United States in the 1960s.