What are the 4 stars on the New Zealand flag?

The flag of New Zealand, also known as the New Zealand Ensign, is a defaced Blue Ensign: a blue field with the Union Jack in the canton, and four red stars with white borders to the right. The stars’ pattern represents the asterism within the constellation of Crux, the Southern Cross.

Accordingly, what are the six stars on the Australian flag?

In 1901, Australia became a single country, instead of six separate colonies. A competition was held to design a new flag for the new country. The winning flag has a blue background, the Union Jack, and six stars. Five stars are in the shape of the constellation the Southern Cross, the other is the Commonwealth Star.

What do the six stars on the Australian flag mean?

Below the Union Jack is a white Commonwealth, or Federation, star. It has seven points representing the unity of the six states and the territories of the Commonwealth of Australia. The star is also featured on the Commonwealth Coat of Arms. The Southern Cross is shown on the flag in white.

What does the 5 stars on the Australian flag mean?

The Australian Flag is a defaced British Blue Ensign: It has 5 stars which represent the Southern Cross and in the 1901 version the number of sides in each star represented the relative brightness of each star.

Who was the first European to discover New Zealand?

First sighted by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, the country was later mapped by James Cook, the British captain who dominates the story of the European discovery of New Zealand.

What do the colors of the New Zealand flag mean?

New Zealand’s national flag’s design is a defaced British Blue Ensign and has the national flag of Great Britain at the canton. On the flag’s fly, there is a pattern of stars representing the Southern Cross in the Crux constellation. The flag’s proportion is 1:2, with three colors: red, blue, and white.

What is the difference between the flags of Australia and New Zealand?

3) the choice of a blue ensign for the flag’s background. Basically, the differences between the Australian and New-Zealad flags are the choice of colour of the southern cross constellation’s stars (white for Australia, red for NZ), and the adding of the commonwealth star under the canton of the Australian flag.

What is the meaning of the name New Zealand?

The name “New Zealand” comes from “Zeeland” (which translates to “Sealand”) in Dutch, after it was sighted by Dutch Explorer Abel Tasman. New Zealand is called “Aotearoa” in the Māori language. It means “Land of the Long White Cloud”. Ao means “cloud”, tea means “white”, and roa means “long”.

How many stars are there in the US flag?

50 stars

Why is the Puerto Rican flag the same as the Cuban flag?

Both flags have the exact same shape because the Puerto Rican flag was designed to be as close as possible to the Cuban, as an expression of fraternity and admiration. The only difference lies in the colors, which are inverted: The Cuban flag has a red triangle and blue and white stripes .

Why does the Mexican flag have an eagle and a snake?

The coat of arms is derived from an Aztec legend that their gods told them to build a city where they spot an eagle on a nopal eating a serpent, which is now Mexico City.