How much does it cost to replace an iPhone?

How much does Express Replacement Service cost?ModelAppleCare+ incident feeOut-of-warranty feeiPhone 7$99$319iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus$99$329iPhone 6s, iPhone 6$99$299iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5$99$269

Similarly, you may ask, how much does it cost to replace a iPhone 5 Screen?

Broken iPhone Screen Replacement CostiPhone ModelWhole DeviceScreen Only4S$199NA5$269$1295C$269$1295s$269$129

How much would it cost to fix an iPhone 5?

Usually Apple charges $129 (plus tax) to fix a broken iPhone 5 screen. If you can’t get to an Apple store, you can mail your device in to Apple for a shipping fee of $6.95.

How much does it cost to fix a iPhone 5?

iPhone screen repair pricingiPhone modelScreen repair onlyOther damageiPhone 6$ 129$ 299iPhone SE$ 129$ 269iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5$ 129$ 269iPhone 4sSee “other damage” fee$ 19

Can you replace the screen on an Iphone?

If you are still under AppleCare, AppleCare+, or the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and you have a broken screen AND another issue that is covered under warranty, Apple will actually replace your device for free — IF the other issue is not in any way connected to the screen break.

How much does it cost to repair Iphone screen?

iPhone screen replacement costsModelWith AppleCare+Out-of-warrantyiPhone X$29$279iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus$29$169iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus$29$149iPhone 6, iPhone SE$29$

What does Apple Care+ cover?

AppleCare+ for iPhone extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your iPhone(1) and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a service fee of $29 for screen damage, or $99 for any other damage, plus applicable tax.(2) In addition, you’ll get 24/7 priority access

How long is the warranty on an Iphone?

Apple’s Limited Warranty for iPhone covers your iPhone for one year. Warranty service for eligible repairs is available at no charge for twelve months from the date of original retail purchase (“date of purchase”).

How much does it cost to replace a screen?

Most notably, it dropped the price for repairing a cracked screen from $99 to $29. Of course, the deal only applies to AppleCare+ members, which costs $99 (iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the iPhone SE) or $129 (iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, the 7 and 7 Plus) — depending on the model.

How much does it cost to get a new Iphone battery?

An out-of-warranty battery replacement, normally $79 for an iPhone 6 or later model, will instead cost $29 through December 2018. The decision, announced on Apple’s blog, is certainly a boon for owners of older phones — Macworld describes it as “like getting a new iPhone for $30.”

How much is a new Iphone 7?

Right now, the iPhone 7 costs $100 less than it did a year ago: the regular 7 starts at just $549, and the iPhone 7 Plus starts at $669. Again, the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus cost $699 and $799 to start, respectively.

How do I know what kind of Iphone I have?

On an iPhone running iOS 10.3 or later:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • At the top, you’ll see your Apple ID/iCloud profile photo and your name. Tap on it.
  • Scroll down until you see your devices. The first device should be your iPhone; you will see the name of your device. Tap on it.
  • How much does it cost to have Apple replace a battery?

    Apple is reducing the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement by $50 — from $79 to $29 — for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced, available worldwide through December 2018. Details will be provided soon on

    How long can you wait to buy Apple Care?

    AppleCare+ Can Now be Purchased Up to One Year After Buying an iPhone. A customer that purchases a new iPhone now has up to one year to purchase AppleCare+ for the device, compared to 60 days previously, according to multiple people familiar with the matter.

    How much does it cost to fix a screen on a phone?

    It costs between $99 and $129 for two years of protection — during those two years, you’ll get two accidental damage claims per year and you’ll pay a $79 deductible per incident. So one broken screen replacement on the Galaxy S7 Edge will cost you $208.

    Can I get applecare after purchase?

    You can purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan anytime within the one-year limited warranty period. Your eligibility for coverage under the AppleCare Protection Plan starts from your hardware purchase date.

    How can I check the warranty on my Iphone?

    How to check the status of your Warranty on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac

  • Navigate to Apple’s Warranty Status page.
  • Enter your device’s serial number into the text field.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA code to confirm that you are human.
  • Click Continue.
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