Can I use ddr3 RAM instead of ddr2?

2 Answers. no – DDR2 and DDR3 are not compatible nor interchangeable. aside from electrical differences (voltage, signal timing etc) the SO-DIMM modules should be keyed differently, additionally I think DDR2 SO-DIMMs are 200 pin whereas DDR3 are 204 pin, they shouldn’t fit in same slots.

Accordingly, can you mix ddr2 and ddr3 RAM?

Dear Mystified, You are right about mixing different RAM modules — if there’s one thing you absolutely can’t mix, it’s DDR with DDR2, or DDR2 with DDR3 and so on (they won’t even fit in the same slots). RAM is pretty complicated, but there are a few things you can mix and a few things you shouldn’t.

Is ddr2 memory compatible with ddr3?

DDR3 is not backwards compatible with DDR2. While both types of modules have similar numbers of pins, the notches in the PCB are in different locations. In other words, a DDR3 module cannot be placed in a DDR2 memory socket, and vice-versa.

Can I use a ddr3 RAM on a ddr2 motherboard?

They won’t fit. Use the proper type of RAM boards for the proper slot, unless you want to pay for new RAM boards or a new motherboard. A mother board that has DDR2 DIMM slots will support DDR2 DIMM chips only. There is no way you can use a DDR3 RAM on a DDR2 motherboard.

Can ddr3 fit in ddr2?

DDR2 memory sticks do not fit into the slots for DDR3 sticks or vice versa. One reason why many manufacturers have been slow to adopt the newer DDR3 technology is because there is no backwards compatibility between the two. You cannot use a DDR3 when you do not have an appropriate slot in the motherboard for it.

Can you use ddr2 memory in a ddr3 motherboard?

No. DDR3 and DDR2 are designed differently. Both have different key placing so they won’t even physically fit, not to mention differences in electrical voltage: There are motherboards which will provide entirely separate slots for DDR2, but you cannot use DDR3 in DDR2 slots, or both types together.

Can you put a ddr3 graphics card in a ddr2 motherboard?

The video card just has its own memory on board. It uses that and your motherboard uses the ddr2. Get quality memory if you are worried about performance. Yes, a DDR3 video card will work fine on a motherboard that only supports DDR2.

Can ddr4 fit in ddr3?

So a DDR3 stick can’t physically fit into a DDR4 slot and vice versa. No. It is not electrically compatible – i.e. would not work even if you could “fit it in” – and the DIMM slots for the two are not physically/mechanically compatible either: don’t try to force it in, or you might damage the slot, the DIMM or both.

Can ddr2 fit in ddr4 motherboard?

RAM is not backwards compatible. If it says it supports DDR2, you can only use DDR2. New motherboards tend to support either DDR4 or DDR3, but never both.

Can you use ddr2 in ddr3 slot?

Although DDR3 and DDR2 are both 240Pin modules, they have different electrical designs, operating voltages and memory slots. Therefore, DDR2 and DDR3 cannot work together on the same motherboard.

Can I change my RAM from ddr2 to ddr3?

Unless your motherboard supports both DDR2 and DDR3 sockets (only a few do), you cannot upgrade from DDR2 to DDR3 without replacing the motherboard and eventually the CPU (if in your system the memory controller is embedded in the CPU, as with all processors from AMD and Core i7 from Intel).

What is a volatile storage device?

Volatile memory is computer storage that only maintains its data while the device is powered. Most RAM (random access memory) used for primary storage in personal computers is volatile memory. Volatile memory contrasts with non-volatile memory, which does not lose content when power is lost.

What is the form factor for RAM?

There are only two main common form factors for RAM. One is DIMM used in Desktop PCs and Server and the other is SODIMM used is Laptops. If it’s a desktop then the form factor is DIMM if it’s a laptop the form factor is SODIMM.

How many pins are on a ddr3 RAM?

240 pins

What is the form factor of RAM for a laptop?

The current sweet spot for laptop memory modules is 2 GB; if you go for 4 GB modules they are extremely expensive and not yet worth it for most users. Memory upgrades on laptops typically require a 200-pin SO-DIMM form factor. Compared to a desktop DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module), the SO-DIMM is much smaller.

How does ddr4 differ from ddr3?

Another big difference between DDR3 and DDR4 is speed. DDR3 specifications started at 800 MT/s (or Millions of Transfers per second) and some went as high as 2133. DDR4, meanwhile, starts at 2133 MHz. The increased speed means an overall increase in bandwidth.

What is the difference between Sodimm and Udimm?

SODIMM Vs. UDIMM: What Is the Difference? Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module and Unbuffered Dual Inline Memory Module are two terms that describe types of computer memory. While UDIMM is a generic term that applies to most memory modules, SO-DIMM modules are used almost exclusively in notebook computers.

Which is better Udimm or Rdimm?

RDIMM is REGISTERED memory and UDIMM is UNREGISTERED memory. This means a few things, UDIMM is limited to two DIMMs per memory channel and UDIMMs offer slightly better memory bandwidth for one DIMM per channel. However when using two or three DIMMS per channel you will get better memory bandwidth with RDIMMs.

What is the difference between Sodimm and DIMM?

DDR, DIMMS and SODIMM are both memory modules used in computers. DIMMs are used in desktop computers and servers. A DIMM (133MM) is about twice as long as a SODIMM (67MM). DIMMs can carry features not normally found on SODIMMs such as ECC and REGISTERED.

What is a DIMM?

A DIMM (dual in-line memory module) is a double SIMM (single in-line memory module). Like a SIMM, a DIMM is a module that contains one or several random access memory (RAM) chips on a small circuit board with pins that connect it to the computer motherboard.

How many pins does a DIMM have?

Two types of DIMMs: a 168-pin SDRAM module (top) and a 184-pin DDR SDRAM module (bottom). The SDRAM module has two notches (rectangular cuts or incisions) on the bottom edge, while the DDR1 SDRAM module has only one.

What is stored on the RAM of a computer?

RAM. Alternatively referred to as main memory, primary memory, or system memory, Random Access Memory (RAM) is a hardware device that allows information to be stored and retrieved on a computer. However, unlike ROM or the hard drive, RAM is a volatile memory and requires power to keep the data accessible.

What type of RAM has 184 pins?

DDR SDRAM modules for desktop computers, dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs), have 184 pins (as opposed to 168 pins on SDRAM, or 240 pins on DDR2 SDRAM), and can be differentiated from SDRAM DIMMs by the number of notches (DDR SDRAM has one, SDRAM has two).

Is ddr3 compatible with ddr2 slot?

2 Answers. no – DDR2 and DDR3 are not compatible nor interchangeable. aside from electrical differences (voltage, signal timing etc) the SO-DIMM modules should be keyed differently, additionally I think DDR2 SO-DIMMs are 200 pin whereas DDR3 are 204 pin, they shouldn’t fit in same slots.