Can I still get texts if my cellular data is off?

So to answer your question, yes you can send and receive texts on your iPhone with your cellular data and wifi off but you cannot send and receive iMessages (the blue ones), these ones need your data access. If you turn off wifi then you lose the Internet, and if you turn of data, then you lose email capability.

Similarly, you may ask, can I receive texts with cellular data off?

You can still send messages, but you will only be able to send SMS and not MMS. This means that you will only be able to send messages with 160 characters of text, nothing longer. If you turn off cellular data and Wi-Fi you can still send and receive SMS and make voice calls.

Can you receive messages if you don t have data?

(Yep, you could all text without a data plan.) Yes, some of us have iMessage if we use iPhones and iPads, which means we can forgo that unlimited texting plan on our smart phone bill. However, we are all still slaves to Wi-Fi or have memorized how fast our data plan is chewed up with every ping.

Can I text if my data is off?

Text messaging doesn’t use “data” as defined by cell phone networks– if you can make and receive calls, you can send text messages, even if you can’t connect to the internet. To disable data on an iPhone, look in Settings under General –> Network. Turn off “Cellular Data”.

Can I still make phone calls with mobile data turned off?

Turning Data Off only disconnects Internet connection. It doesnt effect Calls/Texts. Yes you will still be able to send/receive phone calls and texts. If you are using any messaging apps that rely on internet then those won’t work Your “radio” or “modem” is what controls the phone and texting.

Can you receive calls and texts in airplane mode?

One way to help avoid the extra roaming fees is to activate airplane mode on your iPhone and only use Wi-Fi hot spots while you travel. You won’t receive text messages or phone calls, but you will still be able to check your email, use messaging apps, and browse the Internet over a Wi-Fi-only connection.

Do I use data when I text?

SMS. By default, the iPhone sends text messages over your cellular network through a service called Short Messaging Service. While SMS messages don’t count against your data plan, your carrier charges for each message sent and received if text messages aren’t included in your plan.

Do Imessages use data?

Benefits Of Using iMessage. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you can send iMessages without using your cellular data or text messaging plan. iMessage is faster than SMS or MMS: SMS and MMS messages are sent using different technology than your iPhone uses to connect to the internet.

What does it mean to turn off cellular data?

You can turn cellular data on or off to limit apps and services from using the cellular network to connect to the Internet. When cellular data is on, apps and services use your cellular connection when Wi-Fi isn’t available. As a result, you might be charged for using certain features and services with cellular data.

Do you use data for phone calls?

Phone calls do not count as “data” but do, obviously, count against the minutes on your plan. It is important to note that while connected to Wi-Fi, only MMS uses data. iMessage, Apps, mail, web browsing, etc, all utilize Wi-Fi over EDGE/3G/4G, while MMS does not, regardless of Wi-Fi connectivity.

How do I stop incoming calls on my Iphone?

2: Forward Inbound Calls to the Voice Mail or Nonexistent Phone Number

  • Open Settings, then go to “Phone”
  • Choose “Call Forwarding” and flip it ON.
  • Tap “Forward to” and enter the number in the prior step, whether it’s the voicemail number from *#67# or the disconnected number.
  • Exit out of Settings.
  • Can you use Find My Iphone if the Cellular Data is off?

    This is basically all you have to do to track your lost Apple device. Please keep in mind that your lost device needs to be turned on and somehow connected to the internet. If mobile data is turned off and it’s not connected to WiFi, you won’t be able to track it using Find My iPhone.

    Can you find an Iphone if its offline?

    If your missing device is off or offline, you can still put it in Lost Mode, lock it, or remotely erase it. The next time your device is online, these actions will take effect. If you remove the device from your account while it’s offline, any pending actions for the device are canceled.

    Can you find my iphone without wifi?

    Nope. Find My iPhone feature requires internet connectivity to be activated. If your iDevice is stolen, you can flag it as stolen and set up a remote wipe from Next time it is connected to a WiFi or to iTunes, it will check icould and be disabled/wiped.

    What does it mean when it says your Iphone is offline?

    Offline means that Find My iPhone cannot establish a connection to the device or in other words, your device does not appear to be connected to the cellular network or a WiFi ~ in your case, most likely the battery died.

    Can Find My Iphone tell you the last location?

    Currently, if a device is lost with Find My iPhone on and the battery drains and it cannot be located, iCloud will display the last known location for up to 24 hours, but after that, there is no way for end users to determine the last location of a device.

    Can I see the last location of my Iphone?

    To enable Send Last Location, make sure you’re running iOS 8 and head to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone. Instead of the usual on/off toggle, you’ll see the new option for Send Last Location listed at the bottom of the screen.

    Can you track a cell phone if the power is off?

    When you turn off your phone, it will stop communicating with nearby cell towers and can be traced only to the location it was in when it was powered down. According to a report from Washington Post, NSA is capable of tracking cell phones even when they are turned off. And this isn’t something new.

    Can a phone be tracked without a SIM card and battery?

    The SIM card must be plugged into a device for it to be functional in any way. As such, it’d be impossible to track a SIM card on its own. However, once you plug it into a phone and power it on, the IMEI number of the phone and the SIM’s serial number will be transmitted to the nearest cell tower(s).

    Can a phone be tracked if it is turned off?

    In most cases, when you turn your phone off—even if you do not remove the battery—it will stop communicating with nearby cell towers and can be traced only to the location it was in when it was powered down.

    Can the police track your phone if it’s turned off?

    Originally Answered: Can a turned off phone be traced by the police? Hi, No they can’t trace you if your phone is off. The only way for a Government agency or other Law enforcement agencies to track down your position if the phone is turned off, is for the phone to have been modified.

    Can a cell phone be tracked if the SIM card is removed?

    A mobile phone without a SIM card can be tracked, as long as its IMEI[1] number is known. If you don’t have the SIM card but have the IMEI number, the phone can be tracked. If you don’t want to be tracked, you cannot be connected to a cellular network, but you may use wifi (see more on our website).

    Can a phone be tracked without SIM?

    Without a SIM, a phone is mostly useless as a phone, but it can still make emergency calls (in most countries). Without a SIM, your cell phone will not normally transmit data to local base stations, but if you make an emergency call, it will identify itself with the cell tower by sending its IMEI.