Are Case tractors still in business?

In 1984, Case parent Tenneco bought selected assets of the International Harvester agriculture division and merged it with J. I. Case. All agriculture products are first labeled Case International and later Case IH. When Case IH bought out Steiger in 1986 they also continued the Steiger branding, and still do today.

Beside this, are New Holland and Case tractors the same?

Yes, for the most part you can buy the same tractor with different paint and hoods. There are a few brand specific models still but they are both owned by Fiat and ran under the CNH name (Case New Holland).

What engines use cases?

Both series are powered by Fiat Powertrain Technologies engines with the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. All Case IH equipment greater than 100 hp will use the SCR system to meet interim Tier 4 standards that take effect January 2011.

Who makes the engines for New Holland tractors?

New Holland is owned by CNH. Shibaura makes the engines for the Boomer Series and Case DX serial tractors which is owned by FIAT.

What is FPT engine?

FPT Engines As a global leader and major supplier of industrial power, FPT offers a wide range of reliable, fuel efficient and high-performance diesel engines from 41 – 910 HP. FPT engines are available for a variety of applications including in agriculture, construction, marine, and power generation.